Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Trot

Well, the week of Thanksgiving was wonderful even though I feel 4 pounds heavier :)
So, Thursday morning we were able to do a turkey trot. It's a 5k run! I think it's so people feel less guilty when they stuff themselves as much as they possibly can. I certainly felt that way! So, the 5k, it was an awful cold morning! I unfortunately did not plan on that, so I wore shorts and a t shirt, and later realized my mistake! It was a good run, even though I could feel that 10 extra pounds that I had packed on! The Thanksgiving day was crazy! We went over to someones house expecting about 10 people, and there were about 40 people all eating!
The next day the sisters in our ward had a wonderful baptism. Michael, our investigator was able to come, and the whole time he kept yelling out AMEN! Gotta love it! :)

Teaching my Comp how to play Tennis (By osmosis)

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