Friday, December 12, 2014

HMM, My week

Hmm, my week. I will start forwards! Well, if I can remember it. That's the problem. I have such a bad memory that I literally forgot what I did most of the week. Good thing I have a journal, right? I'll try to bring that next time so It'll spark my memory. 
Hmm, Monday............... I'll just keep pushing period till I remember....................... Oh, ya! We played basketball for pday! That was fun! I'm still not any good at basketball, so no one passes it to me, but I'm starting to prove myself. Tuesday.........we taught some lessons......we biked..... we ate some food......ha, that's sad, but that's basically all I remember. On Tuesdays a service missionary in the area comes out with us. He's fun, but rather quiet. Reminds me of Will, the kid in (i think it was fifth grade) that was my friend but didn't talk to me, or anyone else. But, the missionary here does talk, and is getting out of his shell. Ah, yes, I remember a little more! On Tuesday my companion went with the service missionary while I went with a member on splits. As it always happens whenever we get a member with us, all the appointments cancelled, but luckily the member was pretty cool about it. Wednesday........... We did service for a place called the hope center. It's a lot like the DI in Utah, just not LDS. Maybe we'll get it baptized one day. If only it was in the time of Noah again. I got sick with a pretty good cold that day, but we had appointments all day already, so we endured and went to them. Our catholic priest we are teaching, Michael is his name, is finally starting to connect some dots! It's awesome! Before, he was creating a hybrid religion. Protestantism, Catholic, and LDS. (don't know how he did all three of those mixed, but somehow he has.) He said he was going to use the Book of Mormon in his Parishes (I think that's what it's called). Reminds me of "How Rare a Possession". By the way, that's a good church show. I recommend it! Hmm, Thursday we went and raked a guys yard. It was rather foggy that day, and everything was wet because of that. A good sick day to be sick, but we still worked. We were raking a yard after being armed with a members rake, we went to someones house that good use a good raking and we started raking. As we were, the guy that lives there pulled up and thanked us, we shared with him that we go around praying with people, and he said he would love that, and that we should pray for his wife because she has stage four cancer. He went inside, came back out, and said his wife could use a prayer right now. We went inside, told them about an anointed blessing, and she said that would be fine. It was the one day I forgot my oil at our apartment, so we consecrated some right in front of them, and gave her a blessing! It was amazing! We told them we have a message to share about Christ and they welcomed us back whenever, but that they would be going in and out of Tulsa for cancer treatments, so if they're home, we're invited in. It was amazing! Then, Friday, the sisters referred a person in our area to us, and we had a combined lesson. It was amazing. Shaday was the lady we taught. She accepted a baptism date, and she came to church on Sunday with her family! So amazing!!!! We also got a random call from someone named Chris (who we don't know) that wants to get baptized, and we have an appointment with him tonight! We'll see how that goes! Saturday we raked more leaves, and Sunday we went to church. People here like leaves raked, especially in Edmond, as it has a lot of trees everywhere. And a lot of hills! Weeeelp! I love you all! That's awesome Lizzie got her mission call! I gotta go

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