Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas y'all!!!

Merry Christmas y'all!!!
Missionary work is amazing during Christmas! Everyone has their mind turned toward Christ, especially in Oklahoma. People are not afraid to declare their moral standards and what church they go to... Especially what church they go to!

I got a new companion this last week! His name is Elder Stephen! He's from the Marshall Islands. (If y'all don't know where it's at...., look it up:)) I think President wants me to learn Marshallese or something. My last companion was a Marshallese speaking missionary, and now I just got a native speaker. There is only 4 Marshallese speakers in our mission! (by the way, the Marshallese people came here because we nuked their island as a testing ground, and slowly came to Oklahoma and Arkansas.) Bit of a history lesson, but it's cool! So, apparently this Christmas, it is not going to be a white Christmas! It's supposed to be 60 that day!! crazy, right?
Well, this week has been amazing! I finally got to drive a car!!!! I haven't since I've been on my mission, so when I hopped behind the wheel, I felt like I was 15 again learning how to drive. But, it turns out it's like riding a bike.
Hey, I have run out of emailing time. Sorry! A  guy was just talking to me for a while about the Gospel, and we only get an hour on the computer. I'll talk to y'all more on Skype. I love you all. This church is true. (The guy I was talking to a few seconds ago was a minister. Ha, ya, sometimes we agree to disagree with people, because all they need is that calm assurance that the spirit provides in each one of our lives.)  People here are amazing.
Love you

Elder Wheelwright

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