Monday, December 15, 2014

Letters are not a scary thing to write ;)

So this Christmas we are very blessed because I can Skype!!!........the problem is, I don't know how to. But, It's still awesome! We have three meals that day with members, and I can Skype at any one of those places. Whatever time is convenient for you, I can do. Just maybe send some instructions on how to Skype. Also, remember we are an hour difference. So when you give me some times, do it according to Oklahoma time, I'll email you what time to do it, and we'll arrange all of that.
I am transferring to another apartment in our same apartment complex on Wednesday.But ya, tell everyone that letters are not a scary thing to write ;) I loved the letter from Rachel and am planning on writing her back today. Also, I am getting a new companion this next Wednesday. Elder Stephen. He is a Marshallese speaking elder, just like Elder Bess, except Elder Stephen is a native. Apparently president wants me to learn Marshallese...? I don't know. Any word of Ipads for our mission yet? I figure they'd tell you before us. We were promised them by the end of the year. So we asked president Walkenhorst "have you heard anything about the ipads". His reply was "Nope, I have not." Ha, so yep!

Elder Wheelwright

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