Monday, December 15, 2014


Well, Ya. Tornado!!! :)
So, all missionary apartments have a carbon monoxide detector. We were sleeping nice and peaceful, and suddenly Elder Bess woke up, which of course woke me up. Apparently the alarm was going off! At 4 in the morning!!!! So, we're like, oh no, we got to leave. So we go outside, call our mission president, and luckily there was an empty apartment we could go to to finish sleeping the night. We go there in our pajamas, blanket, and pillow at 4 in the morning and it's soooooo cold outside! We wake up in the morning, go back to our apartment, and test the carbon monoxide alarm. It's still beeping, so we call the housing management. They then proceeded to tell us to the utter astonishment of us that that just means that the alarm was out of battery! Ha!

Well, This week has been an absolute wonderful week!! Yesterday we were out knocking doors, and it started to hail like crazy! Then it started to rain really hard, and pretty soon the streets turned to water! It was amazing! Then the tornado sirens started to go off! I got soooooooooooo excited! We called our zone leaders and asked them if the sirens were supposed to go off (because it wasn't windy at all) on a Sunday at 5:15. They said "nope" so we proceeded to walk back to the church. When we got about 100 feet from the church, the tornado sirens started to wind down. Darn! So close! Turns out it was waaaayyyyyy east of us, and Edmond never gets tornadoes! But during the siren time, you could just see people coming out of their houses like "ooo, where's the tornado!" I was surprised no one had a lawn chair sitting outside watching. Well, gotta get going! Sorry the letter is so short! The Lords blessed us with many a miracle this week!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!

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