Monday, November 10, 2014

Praying in the Bible belt

Sooo, this week has flown by!
It's been a wonderful week of perfect temperatures all day. 
70 degrees all day! Feels like Hawaii... or what I would imagine Hawaii feels like... if it were a landlocked state.
But anyways, you get the point :)
Yesterday was amazing! Michael, showed up to church! He's awesome. He's a bout sixty years old, small and delicate man. We showed him a movie about Joseph Smith, and While showing it to him, he started crying when Joseph died. He is truly passionate about our 
religion. Every lesson we have with him he reminds us that it is his "second time reading the Book of Mormon", and that if he didn't believe in what we believe he would not be reading it. He wants us to bury Joseph Smith under our temple in Salt Lake, just as the Catholics did with peter (I think). He's created a weird hybrid religion with LDS and Catholic. I didn't know you could mix the two, yet he somehow has :) 
I love Oklahoma! They are very proud to be the buckle on the bible belt, and the people here sure are! On Monday, all of our appointments fell through and we didn't know what to do. So... tracting! We biked down a random road and some drunk people yelled at us, so we stopped to go talk to them. Of course, we got a bit side tracked and knocked on this door, and the guy let us right in. He was about 30, had 3 kids. We offered to pray with him, and he rounded up all of his kids. It was soo cool! He invited us into his kids bedroom to get ready for bed, and we all stood in a circle holding hands with his children, and we offered a prayer. After, the children gave each other hugs and then came over and gave us hugs. They were all under the age of about 6! It was so very inspiring that people can have a family like that in this day and age! We then went back to their house another day and the dad let us and we taught them about Joseph Smith. He said he had been praying all week for us to come back (good sign, right?) and then continued on to tell us that he had some things he would like to tell us (uh oh) and then commenced a long sermon about how we are going to be condemned. Nice man... till it comes to religion :)
Well, sorry this letter is not so long. My wrist hurts, and this is probably not long enough to be on the blog. Ah well, do with is as you will.

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