Monday, November 17, 2014

My week

This week was very fun! We got to go to a Catholic Mass yesterday! Our very nice Catholic Priest escorted us into the mass. There are so many churches in Oklahoma! We were looking in the Yellow Pages and there were 27 pages of different churches! Wow! This is definitely the bible belt! 
So, for Preparation Day last week, we went to the zoo! It was an absolutely perfect temperature day! 70 degrees during the day! Then, later that night we went to an appointment. An hour later when we got out of the appointment, it had dropped what felt like at least 20 degrees! So cold! That was the quickest we've ever biked home. The next day it was about 20 degrees! Gotta love Oklahoma! And the rest of the week has stayed like that! Yesterday, about an hour before church it started snowing pretty lightly. People started asking if church was still on. Ha, funny Oklahoma! At church, we had about half attendance, and everyone else was at home avoiding the snow. By the time we got out of church, about 1/2 of an inch of snow was on everything, and traffic dropped to a slow crawl! So many people had spun out and were on the side of the road. The person driving us, as he was pulling out onto the road, started sliding and did a complete u turn on accident and just kept driving and went out the other side of the parking lot. Whew, it was hard not to grab the wheel and start steering for them. 
Elder Wheelwright

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