Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lord places the prepared in our path

This week we were teaching this guy, and he was progressing pretty well, and so we went to go teach him, and things changed. He was sleeping while we were there and he was drunk, so definitely pray for him. 
We got to help someone move this week. They moved over one house to their aunts house. We are actually teaching their kid, and he is set to be baptized this week! I'm excited! 
I got to go back up to Edmond and Saturday and watch the baptism of Brother Gilbert, a man that I'm sure I told y'all about. He finally decided to be baptized! The elders up there worked some magic or something! It was really neat! I also got to see a lot of people there that felt like family! 
My companion is doing a lot better. We had to stay in Thursday because his back was hurting, but we were able to work later that night. Whoo, I need to dry clean my suit. It's raining outside, so it got wet. It smells like Treasure when he's wet, so it stinketh! I don't want to smell like wet dog.  This week President challenged us to always carry a book of mormon with us so we could flood the Oklahoma City mission with BOMs! Every time we go out, thinking we have enough Book of Mormons, we end up handing out so many that we have to go back to our apartment to grab even more! It's amazing! I didn't ever think that we could pass out so many BOMs, but the Lord places the prepared in our path so that we can help them come closer to Christ. 
 Anyways! Life is good!

Elder Brandon Alan Wheelwright

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