Monday, November 2, 2015

Miracles happen every day

Hey!!! This week was awesome!
We had a training meeting on Monday down in Enid, so that was a long
drive! But, for pday it was super awesome! We went to the Gloss
Mountains on the way to Enid and hiked them! Ah, it was so great to
hike and go up in elevation. :) (It was probably only about 600 feet
higher, but that's a lot in Oklahoma) We did what normal people did
and threw gigantic rocks off the cliffs and watched them bounce! It
was crazy! I could see all of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas!
(not really, but that's how flat Oklahoma is) I'll send some pictures
next week! 
We slept over at the Zone Leaders apartment in Enid, and that was
super fun! Some missionaries made some yeast root beer, and it was
terrible! It smelled like sewer and root beer! And you'd take off the
cap and it would sound like a gun went off and smoke would come off
the bottle!
Tuesday we drove back to Alva and my companions both packed up while I
cleaned up the apartment! Then we had a lesson with S___ real quick
(more of a goodbye) and then we left for OKC for transfers on
Wednesday! We slept at some missionaries apartment in OKC and I knew
both the elders, and so it was great to see them again! Wednesday I
got my new companions! In the meeting where I got my greenie, you
could just see the shock in his eyes, and then his eyes kinda glazed
over because of the shock! His name is Elder Hoyle!  Then my other 
companion is Elder Morgan! He's also pretty awesome! He's been out for 3 months! Ya, poor
Elder Hoyle! The whole day Wednesday he was just in shock! We were at
transfers and about ready to go, then I saw some other missionaries
that we're going home that I've served around my whole mission, so
naturally I had to say goodbye! And I kept getting distracted talking
to other missionaries I knew. Anyways! We went and got Little Caesars
and realized we needed a park to go eat it at! So we drove to Mustang
where I knew a park was and ate there! Then the drive back to Alva!!
Yay! Elder Hoyle was so tired! He knocked out an hour into the drive,
head leaned all the way  back against the window, mouth open and
nothing could wake him up! It was pretty funny! We dropped off some
other missionaries in Watonga, then stopped in Carmen! It was way fun
there! Super small town! Got Elder Morgan and Elder Hoyle unpacked and
Elder Hoyle I think went back into shock when we went shopping for
food and he realized he needed to cook for himself and that it cost
money for food! It was fun! Helping him along though :)
At Walmart a member stopped us, and asked if we wanted Pizza Hut, so
we met him there! That was a blessing!
Thursday it rained a lot! Then we decided to go see this Inactive
family in the middle of nowhere, and so we were driving and we missed
the turnoff and it was a dirt road, but I wasn't sure if we were still
going the right way! Dirt+water=mud...Mud+truck =a lot of Fun! I
didn't intentionally go mudding, and we tried to be nice to the truck,
but man, we were sliding everywhere and got a lot of mud on our truck!
We got to the Less actives house finally and super nice big house and
we knocked on the door (I had never met them) and it opens up and a
full blooded German Shepherd ran out and barked, and looked like it
was going to bite my face off! Luckily, it was nice, but instead of
Elder Hoyle in shock, it was me, and I stood there for a second
frozen! I really don't like dogs on the mission!  At the persons house 
I shared a scripture talked about church,
made a few comments, and then we left!  She fed
us dinner though! Grilled chicken and stuffing!
We had some amazing lessons though! But here I am out of time! Next week :)
I love y'all! This work is the Lords, and he seems to be doing it all
:)! Miracles happen everyday! We committed quite a few people to

Elder Brandon Wheelwright

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