Monday, March 2, 2015

Sick Miracle

Gotta love Oklahoma! Last week it was super warm, this week church was cancelled because of the snow!.. Of course, we only had about 2 inches of snow when they cancelled it, but hey, if driving is hard, alright! :)

Well, this week we had a zone conference! A zone conference is where a few zones meet up and our President teaches us missionary skills! During it, the heating was broken, and so a company came, and started cutting the metal pipes or something really loud, louder than even our 7 foot tall President Walkenhorst! Ha! 

So this week was really a sick miracle! On Saturday, we started to leave the apartment after lunch, and I made it about 100 feet from our apartment and told my comp that I felt really sick, and we should go back! So we did, and I got feeling better, and we went out to work and then went to dinner, and after, I felt like I was going to throw up, so we cancelled our appointments, and I stayed in. I got a blessing that night from the other Elders in our ward, and in the blessing they told me I would be fully healed by next morning! Right after the blessing, I ran to the bathroom, and threw up, and I was perfectly fine after that! Of course, food didn't sound good to me until dinner last night, but I wasn't sick! It was a sick miracle!! :) 

We are teaching this amazing family right now in our ward! The mom and great aunt haven't been to church in 8 years, and we finally contacted them, and her kid, Kyle, is 9, so we started teaching him! It was amazing what Kyle did and is doing for them! The next Sunday all of them went to church because of him, and he had read 16 chapters in the Book of Mormon! We met with him again, and he said that he plans on finishing the book of Nephi by Tuesday. He also is super genius, if y'all hadn't figured that out yet! He blames that on his being 1/2 Chinese! He showed us an excel spreadsheet that he made all by himself of who in his class would get the most gold stars if they passed out gold stars! He also decided by himself that he wanted to get baptized on pi day because it's going to be 3-14-15. He wanted to get baptized at 9:26 a.m. but that's going to be a tad harder to do :) Ha! Gosh, he's so smart for a 9 year old! Little kids really can do more than you think they can! 

Elder Brandon Alan Wheelwright

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