Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An answer to our prayers happened this week!

Man, sometimes I wish I spoke spanish. A few days ago we were riding by this guy, and both my companion and I went to go talk to him. He started speaking Spanish to us, and my mind blanked and all I could think about was Hola and Bueno! Ya, not too good for a Spanish conversation, but by the end we gave him a card in English, so that man probably doesn't even know what it says, but hey, maybe the Lord will give him the gift of interpreting the card for him! 
Well, the 60 degree weather on Christmas day didn't keep up with us too long. It's dropped to very cold! It's a weird cold. Imagine one of the windiest days in winter in Utah, and then that is Oklahoma, except it's a tad warmer here. With the wind chill it probably gets to at least 10 Degrees every day! Ha, ya, the weather is always the topic here that everyone talks about. That, or what church you go to. Which is good for us :) 
Well, Edmond has been an amazing area to grow in the mission field. 6 months and still loving it, but now I'm heading off. I'm going to Norman, (which I hear is flat compared to Edmond:) Much better on bikes) But ya, many memories here. The ward feels like my family. Ha, it's kind of sad, but I know this ward better than I do my home ward in Utah. 
Well, this week has been an amazing week! I've felt my testimony grow this last week. We had many times to minister to people. 

We had a referral from the ward to go check this family and see how they were doing, and we go there and talk for at least 30 minutes on the porch (which is crazy because no one want's to stand that long outside in the cold). Then they invited us in! It was a rather weird experience. The family  was a family of 12, all very close to each other. While we were talking to the mom of this family we started to teach her about Joseph Smith and she said totally out of the blue "yaaa, I'm ok with this polygamy thing. It doesn't bother me!" me:"huh?" (this is the part where I was counting all the kids of theirs, and was thinking "gosh, I sure hope they don't practice that") Luckily, we were good! Talk about a relief! The dad reminded me of one of the guys off of duck dynasty. He was dressed like them and had a beard just like them. 
We also had a chance to go give a blessing to someone down in OKC. The ward told us to go visit Richard and give him a blessing. Richard(Never met him before) was in the hospital and was completely sedated, so when we got there it was rather awkward. "Hey Richard, do you want a blessing?...Ya...? Ok, sounds good!..."(meanwhile I'm checking with the doctors if we could.) Gave him a blessing...Then "Hey Richard, hope you get feeling better". Ya, I don't like hospitals. Pray for this guy Richard that he gets feeling better. 
So we got our answer from  (the Catholic priest) on whether he wanted to be baptized or not. Ya, the day before the baptism was scheduled (stressful!). It was definitely an interesting lesson! He had wrote a whole essay on his decision. Sadly he said no. It is rather weird though, because he sees both churches as true right now. 
An answer to our prayers happened this week! So amazing! We were teaching this guy that comes to church every week, and we taught him about baptism, and without meaning to, the way we were reading this chapter about baptism, the verse in Mosiah 18 was saying "10 Now say unto you, if this be the desire of your hearts, what have you against being baptized in the name of the Lord, as witness beforehim that ye have entered into covenant with him, that ye will serve him and keep his commandments, that he may pour out his Spirit more abundantly upon you?
 11 And now when the people had heard these words, they clapped their hands for joy, and exclaimed: This is the desire of our hearts." And the man was like, "hmm, I will go and ponder on this" !!!! YAY!!!! So ya, that's progress! Love him! Well, I'll Email you my new address next week so Y'all can write me letters ;) No excuses :)

I love you

Elder Wheelwright

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