Monday, August 4, 2014

Swimming While Biking???

This week was so nice! A cold front moved in and it rained LIKE CRAZY here! And apparently that's not even bad, but whew! I have never seen so much rain! We went biking in it after a service project at the hope center (basically the DI in Utah) to the chiropractor and it was like I had gone swimming, which I thought was against the rules but hey, I guess swimming while biking is ok :) After a while of biking in it, cars would hit puddles on the road and a giant wall of water would just come at you at hit you! Very fun though! Especially when we got to the chiropractors office and we were soaked all the way through. Which during that time I was on exchanges because my comp is District leader so he needed to go to district leader conference, so after that, we went back to the elders apartment I was with and everywhere I walked in the apartment, he'd follow me with a mop :) It was so funny to just walk around acting like I was doing something, but really I was just watching him clean up after me :) It rained like crazy all day though :)
Also, we found this old lady, the one that prayed with us on the phone, and we went to see her, and so we went to the trailer park where she lived and taught her a lesson...well, tried is more like it, because she'd discuss a concern of hers and we'd address that and before we even got through with that she would start talking about her carpet in her trailer, so we're going to clean her house tomorrow,  :) The work is going great here though.
I ran into my first basher :) He started trying to bash with us and how he was concerned for our salvation, but as soon as he started, we listened to him chastise us about how John Smith made up the Book of Mormon and that he is fine with the one he has, so ya, John Smith...:) It was interesting to say the least :) We did this thing called the power hour, where we share a spiritual message with the members that we eat with and then we ask them to pray for us for the whole next hour and while they are doing that we go and tract their neighborhood out, and I can tell you, God definitely listens to prayers! A little background story; the day before, we tracted for 3 hours and prayed with about two people in that whole time, but no one wanted to listen. During the power hour though, we prayed with 6 people and gave out a Book of Mormon and they said they would read and pray about it. The change between those two days was such a big difference that God had to have been listening to prayers.
So, my watch is a thermometer too I guess :) Some cool new feature or something. on the screen, it got water inside of it so whenever it's over 90 degrees, my watch screen fogs up on the inside, and also depending on it raining it also fogs up :)  And also, it's actually a lot easier than I thought to be able to tell the direction here. Also, everyone's been asking for blessing lately, so quite a bit of blessings! The priesthood is true!
This gospel is so true!
Choose the right :)
Elder Wheelwright (dos)

Elder Marsh

MTC District

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