Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life! Love it!

How are your investigators doing? Well, we came to a realization that all of our investigators like us over because we're fun to talk to, and we serve them, so we've dropped every single one. They just don't really have a desire to learn. We've tried to instill in them that desire, but it's something we can't do. That takes away agency, so for now, we've dropped all of them, and hopefully they'll gain a desire to once again listen to the words of life.

Lou, how was cleaning her house? It was good! We had to reschedule cleaning her house because of the rain, but we cleaned her outside on Tuesday. I think she's to the point where she wants to investigate the church. When we cleaned her yard, my companion found two gigantic black widows, a snake, and a frog. We didn't tell her about the snake because she would probably have a heart attack, but we told her about the black widows and she freaked out about that... oops!

Aaron. Have you met with him? Nope! He has not contacted us yet and he said he's not going to contact us till he had his life in order.

Bro. Gilbert? We went over a few days ago, and that's when we tried to figure out personally his reason for needed the gospel. Both me and Elder Marsh got the feeling that he doesn't have a reason for investigating the gospel, and that he also has no desire to learn. But we both believe one day he will come to the truth that he needs the words of the Savior just as much as any one else. He's in a good environment of the church. His wife just went through the temple her first time, he goes to all three hours of church, and he prays to God and see's the goodness and charity of people, so I believe we can't do anything for him till he want's it.

So by Sunday, yesterday, we had dropped all our investigators, and we were not sure what to do. So we went on our way to go see some part member families and our way over there, my companion got a very strong prompting to go talk to this lady on her porch. It turns out she was really prepared. We taught her about the Restoration and we all felt the spirit, and she accepted the Book of Mormon and said she'll pray and read about it, and the baptismal challenge was almost out of my mouth and then the conversation got a bit random at the end, and I wasn't able to invite her to be baptized. But that's alright. God has prepared her, and we have an appointment with her on Wednesday.

 School here at UCO is about to start, and we're basically on the campus, so it'll get busy here, and most people we'll find, we'll probably have to refer to the UCO Sister's here. The lady that we talked to and taught the Restoration yesterday will have to be referred to the UCO sisters, unless she is over thirty. 
Ya, dad definitely showed me how to work hard, even out on the mission field my companion grew up on the farm and it sounds like you taught us how to work just as well as he was taught, although he woke up a lot earlier to go milk cows than we ever did. :) 
 This week when we went to see the Gilberts it turned out that their fan in their bedroom overheated, and so they had to replace it, so while we were over there, they had someone replacing it. The fan, it turns out, was built and broke building code violations and was attached to the sheet rock and not a beam. I think God made their fan overheat because it might have fallen. But that's just personal opinion.

Whoa?? Derek is going to Alabama?!?! That's awesome!!!!!! Tell him good luck and that he should write me.  That's awesome Jason got married!! 

I love you! Thank you so much for raising me in the gospel and always being an example to me

Elder Wheelwright

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