Monday, February 9, 2015


 So last P-day was very interesting. Me and my comp went on exchanges, and he forgot to leave me the keys and phone, and the other two missionaries with me also did not have keys or phones, so we prayed and just drove on. Ha! Fun times.
Tuesday we got a full days work in! It was awesome! What with my companion getting headaches all day, we normally get to work all day, but it was awesome! We took a member out with us for two appointments later that night, and one of them cancelled on the door, and so as we were directing our member to the next appointment, he said no, and drove us to Braums. (Braums is a Texas and Oklahoma restaurant that serves amazing Ice cream) And anyways, the member bought some ice cream for us in the drive thru, and at the window where they take the money they said they didn't have the ice cream he ordered, so he tried to get a discount, then pulled to the next window, another lady gave him his ice cream, and he said "i didn't get a discount". It was quite funny! Then he took us to the next appointment, and we hadn't finished the ice cream, so we tried to eat really quickly at the door, and the person that we had the appointment with opened the door as we were eating the ice cream. Ha, then all the kids (16 of them) wanted us to bring ice cream the next time. Whoo!...Maybe! 
Wednesday we got to clean out a fish pond! Yum, huh! But luckily this week was still pretty warm. It was probably in the 60's! 
Thursday we got to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I loved it! It was also my companions birthday! When we got home, he got a crazy migraine, then we went to go eat at a members house, and they cooked us ribs for his B-day. 
So, throughout this week we kept going to Jim's house (we're teaching him) and would teach him, and while we were there, people kept showing up randomly! Apparently a ton of people live in his apartment! For a while his electricity was off, so we would go teach him with flashlights, so that's probably why we didn't meet them all. So we'd start teaching Jim, and another person would come in, so we'd teach them about the Book of Mormon, and another person would walk in, so we'd teach them about the Book of Mormon. Ya, that happened quite a few times! I don't know how they all live in there though! They don't have any beds or anything! It's just really an apartment! 
The weather dropped yesterday and today. Yesterday was sooooooooooooooooo cold! Humidity, cold, and windchill. It was 30 degrees plus probably a 20 degree windchill, so it felt very cold! Probably 10 degrees. There was a baptism yesterday, and I was asked to play the piano! I always thought, eh, there's always someone else that can play, but I've played so much lately! So ya, piano is awesome! If you don't play it, play it! 

Elder Wheelwright

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