Monday, February 16, 2015


Peace is good in life. Jesus brings peace. And what's the opposite of peace? Scared, anxious. Now if it's the opposite of what Christ brings, then for sure it is not of Christ. And if it's not from Christ, who is it from? It's not an emotion of sitting on the fence, of course, because it leads people to do stupid things. So it is of the devil. I think if we all were to feel peace in our life, you'd see a lot more people sticking up for their standards, less people on drugs, and doing other stupid things with their life. It's important to distinguish, though, the peace that Christ brings, compared to the peace that the world brings. The world brings "acceptance". If you want to be accepted by the druggies, you do drugs...etc. The peace that Christ brings is a much more sweet peace. It's an acceptance of yourself. You don't just smile to be accepted of others, but you smile because theirs a joy radiating from you because of that peace and love that Christ brings.
The reason I asked dad what his worst experience on the mission was, was because I was just curious. I've never been happier in my life, and I definitely don't feel alone. I feel at peace. I think that's why I just went on that spiel right there about peace. :) But ya, the mission is awesome! Everyday I look at a picture of y'all, and think to myself, "did I honor them?". Right there, that's peace.:) 
And the work is definitely progressing! We have so many miracles this week, as the last week also! The Lord is helping provide miracles and people to teach. I see so much potential in this area, even though it's 2 by 2 miles. Oh, hey, me and my companion are back to biking! It's great! The work is much faster! More people to see, more time to see them, and whatnot! Love it! :) 
 Have a wonderful week! Be at peace! Love every day, for there's something to be happy about every day, even if it's just waking up another day! 

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