Tuesday, September 2, 2014


My zone

Chiggers are... :P . I thought mosquito bites were bad, but chiggers pass it up. They're really cool insects though! We were doing a service project for this lady that hadn't cleaned up her yard in about 5 years and the next morning I woke up with bites everywhere on my leg. No bueno.

Pizza is everywhere here. We've had pizza the past 4 days for almost every meal. I think the members are trying to fatten us up even more than we already are. I love pizza, so I'm totally fine with that! 

So, our weeks been really nice and busy. We are doing a major youth activity with our ward where all the youth are going on splits with the missionaries for this Wednesday activity. So we pulled all the missionaries in our zone and some from another zone. 19 appointments :) Unfortunately we don't have that many investigators, so we've been contacting other members to have a lesson taught to them. It's going to be a fun youth activity. There's about 35 youth attending that activity. I don't think we realized how big it would be till we were too late :) But ya, that's all we've been doing the past week. Preparing like crazy for that activity, which has been really fun. Transfers are this Wednesday and Elder Marsh and I are staying in Edmond, which I'm so glad for. Sister Koyle, a sister in our district, is being transferred out. I can't believe a transfer is already gone! It's crazy!

My Zone at the Temple

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