Monday, September 15, 2014

So… Mannequins?

This week was pretty good. It flew by! 
So… funny story. I crashed my bike!
Well, kinda funny. :) So my companion and I were at an intersection and we both decided to go the perfect way so that we could both crash into each other right in the middle of the intersection! And so as we crashed, I tipped over immediately, but my companion is solid. Throughout his mission he's learned how to build his foundation on a rock…especially during dinner, and so he just kept pedaling while I was hanging off his bike. 
Yesterday I would say was the most fun day!! We went to Sunday school for the 16 year olds in our ward. The youth are sooooo funny! One of them, right in the middle of the lesson look over at his neighbor, pinches his skin, and asked if that was a cause of dehydration! It doesn't sound that funny till you hear his voice! That kids family is so hilarious! But anyways, after that we got to go to primary because we didn't have any investigators at church! The kids absolutely love the missionaries here!…probably because we give them candy! Depending on how well they are in primary, they either get 2 pieces of candy or 1. Right after church, while we're going to go get the candy, a line starts forming right behind us of hungry kids! I feel like a mother duck leading them along as they are all screaming for candy and asking us where we hide it at church. I think they've found our latest hiding spot, so we're going to move it again. :) In primary yesterday, there was this kid, Joe, that kept making me paper airplanes and bending the nose in different ways, giving each of them a new name. He reminds me of Mike Yagoobian off of Meet the Robinsons. But when we finished handing out candy and we were talking to the adults, he walks by our bag and just grabs and started walking away. I was just watching, not even thinking about it till my companion noticed. We've got some smart kids in our ward.
One of the people we're teaching has a bunch of these mannequins, and yesterday as we rode by their house, the mannequins were outside, just standing in their front yard, watching all the cars drive by. I think their planning on putting one on the roof as a look out, and another hanging from a tree. They're funny people! They absolutely love sitting outside because on the corner that they live, a lot of people speed, so a cop is there, and they love watching the cop pulling people over.  
It finally got really cold this week! It feels soooo nice! It was around 60, and both Elder Marsh and I completely froze! I can't wait till an ice storm! 
So, as we were knocking doors, we went up to a door, knocked on it, and the guy slammed the door in our face, and as we were walking away, the door popped open and this lady started chasing us and telling us to stop! Happy to oblige, we stopped and she asked us if we were Mormons, and then she invited us inside, to the bewilderment of her husband. The Lord is truly in this work!
I love it! And I would encourage all y'alls to share the gospel, because I know the Lord will help you as you strive to. 

Elder Wheelwright!

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