Monday, July 14, 2014

MTC Life

 I only have a very short time on the computer, but I am alive and well. I definitely understand the importance of letters a lot more now, even though its been a few days. I get excited when my companion checks for the mail, so I'd say its awesome that I have letters. My district is awesome, and I love the people at the MTC. You can definitely feel the spirit almost all the time here. Well, sorry this is short, but I love you. My pday is Monday officially, so I'll have more time for emails.

Elder WheelwrightGuess what! I found out that the mtc has a music library, and i can check stuff out to play on the piano! I found that that helps me relax from a day of teaching and lessons. Wow, I am definitely amazed at how long they can have a teacher teach a class here! Sometimes it's goes on for 3 hours. And Sometime soon is our infield orientation, which goes on for the whole day!!! I would like the time to thank you mom and dad for the super long lessons that have trained me for my infield orientation ;) Well, my companion, Elder Moore, is super hilarious, even just his laugh makes you start laughing. Some pretty funny things happened this week. So, we always make jokes about Elder Neves, (from Columbia, not Mexico, which he keeps trying to remind us) (also, he's in my district) generally racist jokes, and so, one time during personal study, Elder Haws, just came over and read Elder Neves the scripture where God caused a darkness to come upon their skin because of their disobedience, and we all just cracked up laughing. It was so funny :) So, back to my to companion, he is basically the opposite of me when it comes to food. All he eats is cereal!! I don't know how he does it! So one day, he was eating cereal and on his Sixth bowl he was done, but we got him to eat another bowl of cereal because of Elder Neves and how his name backwords is seven!! Mindblown. 
It's definitely a different experience here.  So, the DL of our district is Elder Moore, my companion. And then also in our district is Elder McGinnis (Goliath) and Elder Haws (the teddy bear) (we call them the twin towers because they are both really big people and they're companions, then there is Elder Neves (hilarious and sarcastic all the time), and Elder Slack (the first day, we called him Slacker until we realized nicknames are no bueno here) and Sister Taylor and Sister (I forgot the other one's name), but overall, we're a pretty good district.
 I don't know, I'd say that's about it. Everyone here is sooooooo friendly that it's super weird. You can start talking to anyone and they don't mind, in fact, they enjoy it. Our floor is full of Korean Elders so all we hear is chan chow cghs chaol, and stuff like that that none of us understand. Oh, also, the way Branch Presidents berate here is by saying how good of a job we do at the thing they are talking about to us. So our district was bad at quiet time the first few days so the next day, the branch president of the Korean Elders came over and started talking about how it was so nice that we are quiet during quiet time , so it's basically guilt tripping us. Mom and Dad, you two could definitely be a real good Branch President and wife ;) 
Well, I'd say that's about it. I feel like I should be getting home sick, but I don't. I think it's because of the blessing the stake president gave me, because a lot of people are getting home sick. Also, for some weird reason, I have an ear ache. It's not too painful, but just rather annoying, so hopefully it goes away. I'd say one of the hardest things about the MTC is not dwelling on how cute the Sisters are and flirting with them. It doesn't seem that hard, but after about a few days, it gets really hard. Also, we do ten push-ups every time we say man, or guys or other slang like that because we're trying to work on that, so I've got about 100 to do today. Also, sadly enough, the Elders in my district don't really go running so I have to use one of those weird cycling biking things to go running. Well, I love you!
Choose the Right
Elder Wheelwright

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